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We Are a Company You Can Trust for All Your Pipeline Needs and Requirements!

Norweld Industries Ltd. is a reputed name in the pipeline industry, thanks to the various pipeline products and services that we offer at affordable prices. We smoothen your projects by meeting your distinct needs on time and without any hassles. We have a vast inventory full of items that you can choose from. If you have any unique requirements we can customize any equipment for you. Our team is always ready to serve your needs, and that’s why we are available 24/7 on call!

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Our Mission at Norweld Industries Ltd.

Norweld Industries Ltd. believes that our customers come first and satisfied customers are return customers. Our goal is to serve and supply companies and individuals with the industry products and rental equipment they need to complete the job on time and within budget.

Norweld Industries Ltd. - Our Story

Norweld Industries Ltd. has been involved in the pipeline and facility construction industry since 2005. For over 15 years, we have been faithfully serving Northern British Columbia and Alberta. We are a team of experienced and dedicated individuals who specialize in pipeline products, welding supplies, and rental equipment for any size of pipeline (2" – 48") or facility construction. Our company carries a vast product line that includes a wide range of pipeline products. 

     Beveling and Welding


H/M Bevelers, Victor Machine Torches, Cooling blankets, Pop-up tents, Umbrella's, Aluma reels, Manual and Motorized crawlers, Rod ovens, and Welding rod.

     Holiday Detection and Pipe Coating


Spy Jeep Meters, Spy Jeepers, Tapecoat, Tuff N Nuff/Rockshield

     Pipe Lifting and Handling


Auto Release Tong (Caliper), Lowering-In Belts, Horizontal Rollers 2" – 48", Rollie Cradles

     Cutting and Aligning Tools


Reed cutters, Wachs cold cutter,



Pipeline Pigs (Foam, Filming, Displacement), Sizing Plates

     Pipe Support and Protection


Pipeline Cones 2" – 24", Power Rollers, Pipe Stands, Sandbags, Skids, Tuff n Nuff/Rockshield

      Equipment Rental


Sidebooms, Pipe Benders, Skid Sloups

     Pipe Bending


Pipe Bending Machines, Bending Shoes, Mandrels

     Purging and Testing


HP Nitrogen Regulators, Gas Bags, Test Plugs

     Geotextile and Fencing


Geogrid, Geotextile, Safety Fence, Pipeline Weights

     Pipe Clamps


KC Ratchet, Tipton Clamps, Chain Clamps

     Welding and Pipeline Supplies


Faller Wedges, Spacing Tools, J Rollers, Gloves, Liners, Temp Sticks, Draw Knife, Gauges

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