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Electric Light Towers

Electric Light Towers

SKU: EQ_44
The features of an electric light tower:
- A long-lasting LED light with four positions and 320W of power
Four lift points and pockets for forklifts for easy transport and maneuverability
- Providing bright lighting wherever needed on site with a 360-degree rotating mast and a 22-foot mast
- It is suitable for outdoor applications and harsh weather conditions due to its epoxy powder coating
- Multistage galvanized mast with heavy duty construction
- With two retractable handles and two wheels, this trolley is equipped with two wheels
- The number of units per truckload is 38
- Powering a single unit with 15A/120V
- From each 30A electrical plug, series of 1-4 units are powered at 30A/240V
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