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Pipe Bender 6"-20"

Pipe Bender 6"-20"

SKU: EQ_03
Machines equipped with a 325 Quincy compressor are available.
Standard Features
- Removable ? steel liner built in to the stiff back and pin up. When removed and replaced with a urethane liner, it can be used for bending 20” thin film coated pipe. A lined bending die would be required.
- Hydraulically driven DP winch with free wheeling drum machine, used to move the pipe through the bending machine.
- 22 gallon hydraulic tank.
- 3000 PSI hydraulic system.
- Hydraulic controls allow one operator complete control of all the machine’s bending functions.
- Machine set up for hydraulic mandrels.
- Simple conversion to another pipe size within the machine range is made by fitting an alternative bending set.
- The machine is designed to bend all grades of currently available API-5L pipe within its range.
- The machine is constructed from T1 steel to give long life.
- Indicator rod calibrated so that the operator can constantly make uniform bends.
- The machine may be towed on the right of way by a suitable tractor. The towing eye on the bending machine is attached to the stiff back and can be raised and lowered by actuating the stiff back control when connecting to a towing tractor.
Units available for rental or purchase
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